Ubuntu Advanced?

Jan-Michael Heller jan at mail.hansis-braindump.de
Tue Aug 25 19:17:25 UTC 2009

Hi there,

is singed up this mailinglist, because i thought of having an
Ubuntu-flavor for corporate use.
I experienced that ubuntu in its form now (8.04~9.04) is a bit too automatic to
handle well and leave customers long-time unsupported. I know for some
people out there, the fact that sometime anything automates wrong in
ubuntu, gives money to them, because they get payed for support.
But aren't we all interested in a system, that we can hand-out to anybody
and it will just run and be easy to maintain?
Full automation is one aspect, that makes it easy for homeusers. But in
a corporate environment a teached person (should) handle with the
problems the users have.

What, if there would be a long-time-supported or what ever called
flavour of ubuntu, that is easy to maintain, meaning:
No automated driverbuilds at bootup and
no changings in versions, of course
only security updates
great robustnes:
- linux - just proofen hardware-detection at bootup, no underlying
  skripts, that generate configurationfiles, for everything they see and
  keep it forever
- better tested (community is there to help, some unixers would like
  easy-to-maintain systems for ther families too)
- A centralized configuration that is under /etc/ and not too often
  changed by scripts, only if that is explicitly necessary.
  And a bit more tidied-up configuration-tools that really use /etc/
  like the admin does.

Ubuntu was so nice and tidy, because of its debian-flavour in the
beginnig and now its too much affected by many skript-features, that
make your life hard.

Maybe someone knows, how Canonical thinks about corporate use of Ubuntu,
but good unix-systems are known for their robustness, and this is
something, that ubuntu is still missing a bit (make it just a little bit more like

And I am not an enemy of scripts, but they should be used with care.

I hope someone understands me.



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