Stripped in karmic libc6 breaks valgrind

Duncan Sands baldrick at
Fri Aug 21 21:48:40 UTC 2009

In karmic, is stripped of debug symbols.  This will
prevent the upcoming 3.5.0 release of valgrind from working.
While this can be worked around by installing libc6-dbg, it
does mean that valgrind won't work out of the box.  Is there
any chance of not stripping for the karmic release?

Here are some comments by Julian on the valgrind developers

 > It's not the stripping of that's a problem, only of
 > And then it's only that we need to see the entry point for's
 > private strlen function, and perhaps a couple of others (strcmp?)
 > Valgrind hasn't worked on ppc32-linux on openSUSE for a while, because
 > of this problem.  At some point we may end up in the position where
 > Valgrind doesn't work on any distro that ships a stripped
 > AFAICT the Fedora people are aware of this, and ship a non-stripped
 >, so no problem there.  But Ubuntu, openSUSE and others are
 > potentially problematic.

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