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Jürgen Pabel jpabel at akkaya.de
Thu Aug 20 14:17:35 UTC 2009

Dear Ubuntu-Team,

I have developed a new software component that integrates the key
management of LUKS with PAM. It therefore allows users to use their
login credentials for the Pre-Boot-Authentication to unlock the
encrypted disks. I will present my work at FrOSCon this weekend

I have tried to contact Steve Langasek and Kees Cook a couple weeks ago
in order to inform them about my work before the initial public release
at FrOSCon. Both have worked on the cryptsetup package and I figured
they would be the appropriate contacts because my work builds upon
cryptsetup. However, I have not received a reply from either one of
them. Thus, I am now contacting this mailing list. I would like to get
my work integrated into a future Ubuntu release and would like to get
this going ASAP. I have also contacted Jonas Meurer from Debian and he
seems to like what I've created - thus, it might be integrated into
Debian testing in the near future.

In case someone wants to know more about my work before sunday, please
contact me in private per email. I don't want to publicly disclose my
work before the presentation on sunday.

Jürgen Pabel

Jürgen Pabel, CISSP

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