sid OCaml packages missing in Karmic: still time for sync requests?

David MENTRE dmentre at
Tue Aug 18 14:21:19 UTC 2009

Hello Onkar,

2009/8/18 Onkar Shinde <onkarshinde at>:
>> The documentation is not very detailed[1]. Should I subscribe somebody
>> else (ubuntu-devel-sponsors, archive maintainer)?
> 1. You should add latest changelog entry from Debian.
> 2. You should subscribe ubuntu-universe-spondors.

Done for both bugs.

Those info should probably be added to the wiki (can I do this?).

> Going forward try to use requestsync tool from ubuntu-dev-tools
> package. It does the heavy lifting for you.

I'm not on Ubuntu right now but I'll use this in the future.


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