tsclient printer redirection patch

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   Thank you for the reply. I believe I may have done something wrong on the install because I don't see a printer option under the "Local Resources" tab. I followed the install instructions as listed:

sudo make install

Everything appeared to install correctly. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong.

The only printer is an HP P3005 USB printer, Xubuntu detected and loaded the appropriate driver. Thanks again for the help!

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On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 7:52 AM, Johnson, Chad <cbjohnson at newstandard.com<mailto:cbjohnson at newstandard.com>> wrote:

Hello Joseph,

    I happened upon your patch for tsclient printer mapping, and I was wondering if I could bounce a question off of you? I know it was written for ubuntu, but I dl'd the patch and ran it on my xubuntu build and it appeared to install correctly, however, when I run the tsclient it doesn't map the local USB printer to my RDP session on Windows 2003 server. Is that just an issue with using xubuntu? Thanks in advance for any assistance :).
Are you sure that you checked the appropriate box under the "Local Resources" tab?  If that's not it, try using something like ps to check what command line options were sent to rdesktop by tsclient when connecting.  Send that to me along with a list of the printers on your system and the printing system that you are using.

-Joseph Miller

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