libsane for Fujitsu ADF scanner

Martin G. Miller mgmiller at
Sun Aug 9 20:07:48 UTC 2009

Hello all;
I recently obtained a Fujitsu fi-6130 ADF scanner knowing it is not
supported in Ubuntu 9.04.  

I do know it is supported pretty well in 9.10 as I have tried using it
with the alpha 3 release.  One of the key features in an ADF scanner is
the ability to auto detect the page length when the document runs
through the scanner.  

The upcoming version of libsane 1.0.20 lacks this feature in the fujitsu
backend.  I have been in contact with the developer of the fujitsu sane
backend and have paid him to make this important feature functional.
The work is done and I have tested it in both the 32 And 64 bit versions
of 9.10 Alpha 3, and it works perfectly.

The developer has uploaded the changes to the git repository for sane
and it is in version

Is there any way to get this updated fujitsu backend included in the
upcoming Karmic release?  Failing that, I have to compile the driver and
overwrite the version with the  I can do this, but for the average user, it
would be much easier to have the improved driver in there in the first

Would it make any sense to add this to libsane-extras?

Once sane releases its 1.0.21 version, the new driver will be in it, but
I was hoping to see it sooner if possible.


"Don't fear the penguin"
    Dr. Martin G. Miller
mgmiller at
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