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Andreas Wenning subscriptions at awen.dk
Sun Apr 26 13:37:36 UTC 2009

On Sunday 26 April 2009 12:05:29 Vincenzo Ciancia wrote:
> Yes, in the end tex users may be more keen to do things "by hand", but
> it should have been added to the release notes (can they be modified
> now?). Sorry for coming up about this too late. However: kdvi was in the
> jaunty archive until very recently, so I could not have reported it
> before.

The fact is, that we don't like to have unmaintained packages in the archive, 
kdvi in this case is one of them. It was re-introduced in intrepid solely to 
fill the gap for some features missing in okular. (If some people starts 
maintaining it and releases new versions, it can of course be packaged again).

To identify these features we need to rely on people telling us about it 
through bug reports or other means, as none of us are heavy dvi users. I've 
been checking both launchpad and bugs.kde.org but couldn't find anything about 
the forward dvi search. Please file a bug against okular (source: kdegraphics) 
about it (and any other problems / missing features), then we don't forget 
them and can add it as a feature request upstream; making the developers aware 
of it is the only way we can get it fixed / added.

Quite a large number of packages are being removed each release; and adding a 
list of removed packages to the release notes does not really make much sense, 
unless we're talking core-functionality or could give serious problems to some 
people. Encouraging people to install unmaintained software in the release 
notes kind of defeats the purpose of not posing people to security risks.

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