Cups update

walou c.walou at
Thu Apr 23 07:56:48 UTC 2009


I asked this question here because this is the maintainer address 
specified in cups ubuntu package.
Was it a wrong thing to post here ? Should I ask my question elsewhere ? 
where ?
Apologies if I did something wrong.
This question is important for me. I must know if I have to include in 
my work the build of my own package and maintain it.


walou wrote :
> Hello,
> I'm using Ubuntu LTS (Hardy).
> CUPS has a blocking bug with Firefox 3 which has been corrected 
> . But the correction has not been 
> included yet in Ubuntu Hardy.
> Firefox 2 is not be maintained anymore so it is not a solution.
> Since Hardy will live during the 5 years to come, will CUPS be updated 
> in Hardy to correct this bug ? (or will we stay 5 years long with 
> servers than can't be accessed with Firefox, only with IE... ?)
> K.

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