CD burning: Audio, mixed, and MP3 CDs

Jan Claeys lists at
Tue Apr 14 00:30:38 UTC 2009

Op vrijdag 10-04-2009 om 19:28 uur [tijdzone -0400], schreef John Moser:
> Let's say I'm burning an Audio CD.  I may want to say, "Make a Digital
> Audio CD" instead-- a CD with digital audio files on it rather than
> digital audio tracks.

Considering that "Compact Disc-Digital Audio" & "CD-DA" are registered
trademarks for what you call an "audio-CD", I suggest we use another
name for whatever comes out of this...   ;-)

(Maybe "digital audio file CD" or "MP3 CD" or something like that.  BTW:
"mp3" is almost used as a synonym for digital audio these days--see how
an iPod is called an "mp3-player" despite its primary format being AAC.)

Jan Claeys

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