notify-osd: Possible solution for long queues of notifications?

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at
Mon Apr 13 16:00:16 UTC 2009

Right now notify-osd, like notification-daemon before it, has one major
problem that stands out above others: applications can generate many
notifications such that they get a giant queue of them, blocking out any
other application's notification bubbles as well.

Notify-osd's composited goodness could solve the problem elegantly.
Notifications from the same application should be queued, but each
application should get its own independent queue. The different queues
of notifications should be stacked vertically at the same time (like the
confirmation bubbles at the moment), to a limit of two or three or so.

Doing that means the hard-coded timer for bubbles need not be
hard-coded, since they don't get in anyone's way but themselves, and
while we risk there being more noise from notifications we also avoid
the issue of users missing useful ones when one application is being

Dylan McCall
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