CD burning: Audio, mixed, and MP3 CDs

John Moser john.r.moser at
Fri Apr 10 23:28:33 UTC 2009

First off I dislike Brasero, the UI's complex.  Nautilus CD creator or
Serpantine holds up better for elegant simplicity.  But whatever,
Brasero's more powerful and consolidated.

I have a stereo system in my car.  It can't read DVD-Audio (... why?
WHY DOES NOTHING SUPPORT DVD-A?!), or even a DVD+R with MP3s burned on
it (WHY?!).  It can read a CD-R with MP3s burned on it, and read M3U

Many portable CD players fall into this category:  they play CDs, but
can read a CD full of MP3s.  It's feasible that some devices could
even read Ogg Vorbis (Creative ZEN does...).

PROBLEM:  I have audio files in FLAC, MP3, and Ogg Vorbis formats, and
can make audio CDs from them; but I can't make MP3 CDs without manual

Let's say I'm burning an Audio CD.  I may want to say, "Make a Digital
Audio CD" instead-- a CD with digital audio files on it rather than
digital audio tracks.

Maybe my player allows multiple formats.  Let's say I prefer Ogg
Vorbis, but my player Supports FLAC, Vorbis, and MP3.  I would set
that this CD prefers Ogg Vorbis, but that MP3 and FLAC are supported.

Now, when I come across a non-Vorbis/MP3/FLAC file, it auto-transcodes
into Vorbis.

When I run out of space, it warns me that some FLAC files will get
transcoded into Vorbis.

Other than that, anything I throw at it gets burned to the CD.
Ability to lay out a directory hierarchy and playlists would be nice
too, but pretty much it should just burn files to the CD in an audio
format I've set.  If that format is "MP3" and no others, it should
convert anything I give it to MP3.  If it's a mix of input and
supported, it should go by my preference.  Then I could load an 80
minute CD with 150 songs (why oh why don't brand new car CD players
with MP3 support read DVDs?!) and head out.

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