change in the way updates are handled

Dean Loros autocrosser1 at
Thu Apr 9 04:48:57 UTC 2009

I have bee following the current debate about the way updates are being 
handled & there is a mostly negative thread at ubuntuforums about this 
topic--there is also a "work-around" to try to revert back to the prior 
manner of updates. The forum thread:

In my own opinion the "new" way of update notification is not very well 
handled & counter-productive...I & many others liked the non-intrusive 
panel could note that it was there & deal with it at a time 
one wanted. I understand that it is thought (wrongly) that the old 
system was in some way "broken"---I firmly believe that to inform users 
of the correct way to use & do updates would have been far more 
effective than wasting man-power to create a new way to notify one of 

I will, of course bend to the wishes of the many---but I really think 
this was something that worked very well as was...

Dean Loros
Performance by Design
Ubuntu tester starting with Breezy

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