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Matthew Paul Thomas mpt at canonical.com
Tue Apr 7 12:22:24 UTC 2009

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Felipe Figueiredo wrote on 05/04/09 19:48:
> I've been following discussion on new design features and bugs, and just
> downloaded Jaunty beta to check things out. It's a great difference from
> Hardy, which is what I still use. I didn't  see the face of Intrepid, so
> I don't know how much of the difference is actually from Jaunty,  but
> maybe this suggestion would ease the impact for both users upgrading and
> new users: a small tutorial on the UI.
> It could be simple, and similar to the one in PalmOS devices, for those
> few of you who've seen or used it. I'm sure there is a video in youtube
> showing it, but I can't find it, so I'll try to describe it briefly.
> It has static clickable screens, with topics and graphics, like a
> presentation. Each "page" describes one feature with simple topic
> phrases, and illustrates with pictures with arrows and captions. In
> PalmOS it's obviously fullscreen, probably because of screen size.

This is an idea better addressed to the documentation team mailing list.

> I hope it's not too late in the cycle for that to go into Jaunty,

About four months too late, really. :-) Could be considered for Karmic,

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