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On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 10:32 AM, Lars Wirzenius <lars at> wrote:

> ma, 2009-04-06 kello 15:24 +0200, Vincenzo Ciancia kirjoitti:
> > Unless you can _guarantee_ that every upgrade will NOT harm the system
> As you point out, it is not possible to guarantee that. However, it is
> probably best to point out that not upgrading can also harm things, when
> it is about security updates. Thus, it would perhaps be best to enable
> automatic updates by default for -security only.
> Security updates tend to be pretty minimal.

Except they're quite commonly not because the Security team bases their
updates off of the packages from -updates. This can result in updates from a
pocket the user has specifically disabled to be installed and automatically
if -security becomes automatically installed.

Anyhow, I'm not aware of any proposal for automatic upgrades to occur so I'm
wondering why this has been brought up. Can someone point me to the wikipage
/ UDS specification if there is? IMHO, automatic updates are a bad idea and
an extra bad idea on lower end hardware where the user needs to set time
apart to do updates as the update process's resource requirements makes the
system unusable.


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