Apport retrace service invalidates valid crasher bugs...

Luka Renko lure at
Sun Apr 5 07:40:18 UTC 2009

On Sunday 05 April 2009 08:21:53 Jan Claeys wrote:
> I reported a crash in Synaptic yesterday:
> Now, the "Apport retrace service" invalidated this bug because I don't
> have scrollkeeper installed.  But scrollkeeper is deprecated and
> replaced by rarian-compat (which is a dependency of ubuntu-desktop).
> Also, Synaptic installs & works just fine *without* scrollkeeper.

This sounds very similar to the this bug I reported recently:

> Seems like something is wrong with the retrace service, and I wonder how
> many legitimate crasher bugs have been invalidated because of this?
> I really hope not too many other packages are impacted, and I think it
> might be useful to have a look at the invalidated bugs reported against
> those packages...

Apport consistently rejected at least crasher bugs in kdebluetooth4, which was 
crashing on suspend/resume. As you can see from IRC log, it seems that 
retracing service does not select " | " dependancies correctly (expects the 
first one to be installed).

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