Looking at Package Management for Karmic or Karmic+1

Matthew Paul Thomas mpt at canonical.com
Thu Apr 2 08:26:47 UTC 2009

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Surfaz Gemon Meme wrote on 01/04/09 21:24:
> Sorry but I do not understand you.
> Why do you want to create new applications and not to improve and
> adopt PackageKit?

We have not made any decisions about whether this program would be based
on PackageKit, Add/Remove Applications, Synaptic, or something else, or
written from scratch. We should first design what it will do and how it
will behave, then work out how to implement it.

> I think it would be a good idea to start by replacing gnome-app for
> Packagekit. Let me explain, using PackageKit as an "easy" tool to
> install programs and Synpatic as the "advanced" tool of package
> management.

That Ubuntu ships with two gratuitously inconsistent tools for the same
general task is one of the worst problems with the current situation.
With rare exceptions, having "easy" and "advanced" tools for the same
task makes sense only for software companies that are charging different
prices for them.

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