User Switcher, Shutdown Options, IM Status

Tony Yarusso tonyyarusso at
Tue Sep 30 19:16:59 UTC 2008

I'll certainly add a vote against the new logout dialogue stuff.
Honestly, until I remembered this sort of thing being discussed in the
past I couldn't figure out how to shut down, since I haven't used the
System menu to do so for so long.  (Incidentally the button doesn't
actually work for me and I have to use a command, but that's a
different issue.)  Six buttons together may look cluttered to some,
but it's still less cluttered than six buttons spread across two
different places, with no apparent connection between the two.

As for status updates and the like, I've long wished things were more
integrated.  (See
for one of my ideas that still isn't implemented.)  Besides just
Pidgin and Empathy, it would be nice if there was something I could
hook into through other means, such as an irssi script, so that
absolutely everything could be connected.  Make there be ways to hook
up, twitter, and to it.  Make it connected to
hamster-applet activities.  You get the idea - have a truly central
place for this information, since it's increasingly being used in
different ways.  And I'd still love to see someone jump on hooking up
Evolution, Thunderbird, and Google calendars to it.  :)

Tony Yarusso

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