Tablet PC under ubuntu

Loïc Martin loic.martin3 at
Tue Sep 30 14:09:35 UTC 2008

Oliver Grawert a écrit :
> hi,
> On Mo, 2008-09-29 at 16:10 +0200, Loïc Martin wrote:
>> May I know where the call was sent (and where future calls/informations 
>> might be sent), since I've been monitoring 
> it was sent to ubuntu-devel on august 19th [1]  though it was focused on
> evtouch specifically, i also mentioned it on my last blog post on
>, i saw that there were wacom .fdi files when i looked
> so was thinking someone already took care of these devices, lets see
> that we get it working in jaunty and probably backport and SRU at least
> some preconfigured .fdi files for some general setup so we have
> something basically working ... if it doesnt yet ... the fact that all
> input devices are handled by hal with xorg 1.5 was made public quite a
> while ago upstream, was discussed at the last UDS in some BOFs and there
> are a bunch of specs for it. i wasnt affiliated wit teh mobile team back
> then and could for teh above reasons only take care for teh devices i
> have my hands on, lets just see that we get a better community
> involvement in jaunty ... 
By community, since you send the request to ubuntu-devel only, I infer 
you mean the Ubuntu developers community. You might have noticed that 
tablets and wacom devices aren't really the teaming there.

You might want to try with the Ubuntu community, who is already involved 
in helping tablet users despite the lack of support for their hardware 
in Ubuntu. We would indeed be happy to spend 5 minutes giving you the 
information you need, instead of keeping spending hours talking to brick 
walls and trying to figure what could make our devices work for a few 
years more.

Now, if you'd like to reach that community, there are the mailing list 
at ubuntu-users at, the forums at 
(multiple threads), the still open launchpad bugs 
( Better, why not try 
linuxwacom-discuss at , where you could find those 
users that had to switch distributions for one that supported their 
hardware. Some might even have a clue as how their distributions manage 
to support their hardware

Let me know if you don't have the time, I could drop the emails on your 
behalf. Just let me know what devices would be usefull - tablet PCs, 
graphic tablets, joysticks, exotic input devices?

> it was sent to ubuntu-devel on august 19th [1] though it was focused on
> evtouch specifically, 

For good mesure, you should really have forwarded it to 
air-conditionning at and umbrellas at Just 
making sure to omit the words "wacom" and "tablet" in the subject ;)


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