Tablet PC under ubuntu - a call to xorg and ubuntu developers

Martin Owens doctormo at
Mon Sep 29 16:01:21 UTC 2008

> 1) I didn't expect that tablet support in intrepid was going to be
> SILENTLY DROPPED or else I would have spoken earlier

It's funny but I watched as Graphic Tablet support was silently
dropped from Hardy because of a KDE wishlist bug. "Oh noes! my kde is
creating warnings about missing tablet hardware! BooHoo!"

But when you did a little deeper and have a nice chat with Bryce, you
figure out that so much of the xorg project needs to be unravelled.
Just so it can be fixed in some very key areas. This means breaking
hardware support for input devices, mice and keybs where sorted early
on, but touch devices often need special drivers, some hal fdi or udi
funny business. To be honest I don't think xorg was cut out for
loading hardware drivers on the fly.

So, at the moment I class the lack of support as: "Removed the brutish
hack, steady as she goes for support in the future".

Obviously communication is still a big issue in the ubuntu development
community. Having a lot of users puts developers in a very special
responsibility to communicate every move. Especially when they're
trying to degrade the functionality gracefully for architectural
reasons. Although something they don't teach in CS classes is "Making
sure the users are onboad".

Regards, Martin

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