Announcing the Server Survey

Nicolas Barcet nicolas.barcet at
Fri Sep 26 19:59:55 UTC 2008

After a few months of wait, the server survey that the Ubuntu Server
Team developed as a community effort is now up and running [1].
Canonical just released an announcement about it [2].

The goal is now to get as many answers as we can on it so that we can
make educated choices on the future of Ubuntu Server Edition.

Call to action:
 * If you run one or more Linux servers, regardless of if they are
Ubuntu based or not, could you please take the time (10-20min) to fill
it out.

 * Spread the word to anyone running Linux servers that this survey
exist, and encourage them to take it (blog, irc, email, whatever).

 * Join the launch effort [3], by informing the listed destinations,
and/or adding some and marking them as done on the wiki.


Thanks to everyone that contributed to this survey, to the limesurvey
project that took our enhancement requests, and to all that will take
the time to fill it out and spread the word.


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