use imdb-thumbnailer as movie thumbnailer

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Tue Sep 23 20:39:13 UTC 2008

Hi everyone!

I will probably will stand out but I personally think that "random
frame" is matter of taste. For me, it is much better than very badly
looking covers, which they are for 80% movies. Only rare movies have
pleasant, nice covers (I can say that from my expierence as very
active movie watcher/imdb browser). So I would not haste on this

Just my two cents,

2008/9/23 David Prieto <frandavid100 at>:
> Hi again,
>> After that, one question of mine would be what happens when the
>> internet connection goes away; does it fallback to Totem's
>> thumbnailer, or do we get the ugly octet-stream icon?
> The creator of the software answered this:
> "the fallback system is very flexible. It should work also with Xubuntu.
> It does something like this:
> cover=$(wget etc...)
> If there is no connection wget should fail and if it fails there is no
> cover, if there is no cover the fallback system is used.
> The fallback system checks first for gnome-video-thumbnailer, if it
> doesn't exit it tries totem-video-thumbnailer (xubuntu I think), if that
> one neither exist it checks for"
> So yes, it falls back to totem's thumbnailer.
> That aside, the author also asks one question and I would like to know
> your opinion:
> "Do you want this to work for all videos by default?
> Right now it only works for the paths specified in the config file but I
> can change that, it should be very easy."
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