Hardware support, Benchmark DAC1 USB

August Karlstrom fusionfile at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 12:21:33 UTC 2008

Mackenzie Morgan wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-09-18 at 13:40 +0200, August Karlstrom wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a Benchmark DAC1 USB (high-end) digital to analogue converter 
>> which does not seem to work with Ubuntu 8.04. The DAC is detected by the 
>> sound preferences program (gnome-sound-properties) as "USB Audio". 
>> However, when I select it and run a sound test the application 
>> terminates due to a segmentation fault. When I boot up Windows 2000 Pro 
>> from a different partition on my harddrive the DAC1 USB works fine, so 
>> it seems to be a software related problem.
> Yes, it should be filed as a bug on whatever sound test program you're
> using, I think, as a segfault is just C (and its ilk)'s way of saying
> there's a bug in how the application is managing memory.

OK, I will.

>> The thing is that the DAC should work without any specific device driver 
>> and in fact it did work in Ubuntu 7.10 (or maybe it was 7.04).
> Try testing it with some other application.  The driver's likely fine as
> it's detected as an audio device.  Just to be sure, you should try it
> with a different application though.

OK, so I opened "System -> Preferences -> Sound" and changed sound 
playback for music and movies to "USB Audio" (without running the test). 
Then I opened totem and rhythmbox from a terminal and tried to play a 
song and they both terminated due to a segmentation fault. Something 
seems to be wrong with the driver.


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