Hardware support, Benchmark DAC1 USB

August Karlstrom fusionfile at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 11:40:06 UTC 2008


I have a Benchmark DAC1 USB (high-end) digital to analogue converter 
which does not seem to work with Ubuntu 8.04. The DAC is detected by the 
sound preferences program (gnome-sound-properties) as "USB Audio". 
However, when I select it and run a sound test the application 
terminates due to a segmentation fault. When I boot up Windows 2000 Pro 
from a different partition on my harddrive the DAC1 USB works fine, so 
it seems to be a software related problem.

I have contacted Benchmark Media and their reply is:

"Thanks for the info...  Our hesitation about testing Linux is that 
there are so many permutations that exist.  It would be very difficult 
to provide any real amount of support with Linux."

How should I proceed? What should I tell them?

The thing is that the DAC should work without any specific device driver 
and in fact it did work in Ubuntu 7.10 (or maybe it was 7.04).



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