Firefox newly insists on showing an EULA

Peteris Krisjanis pecisk at
Mon Sep 15 17:20:22 UTC 2008

> I don't really like #3 because while I recognize that Webkit is a
> *great* rendering engine, Firefox has a monopoly on extensions.  Hrm,
> maybe there needs to be some mass attempt at migrating FF extensions to
> Epiphany.

By the way, I thought the same, and then I decided to check out
Epiphany - haven't done it for several years. And goes what - there is
package in Hardy called epiphany-extensions, which contains lot of
plugins, adblock included.

Extentions isn't issue - if there will be huge Ubuntu market with
Epiphany used as default, there will be most useful extensions ported
over. It's not rocket science.

> Firefox is one of those big successful open source projects that we use
> to introduce people to the idea of open source and to get them used to
> what they'll be using on Linux before making "the big switch."  I think
> the list of F/OSS-for-Windows that's most recognized is Firefox,
>, GIMP, and Pidgin.

Yes, I fully agree that Firefox is big brand. As I said previously,
OEMs and individual computer builders will install it anyway (as rest
of Java/Flash/codecs world), and those people who will install it
individually could have option at install time or when system is
installed, nice icon with "Install Firefox" in Applications =>

Anyway, Firefox long-held criticism in Ubuntu/GNOME enviroments has
been integration issues. Firefox 3 has lot of improvements, but
Epiphany still owns "web browser for GNOME" official title rightfully.
Maybe it is time to stop hyping project which Linux port is actually
big afterthough (no offense, but Windows *is* priority for Firefox
devs) and start to help to improve our own.

Just my two euro cents,

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