Full boot in 45s, 3 possible improvements (for Jaunty Jackalope 9.04?)

Andre Mussche andre.mussche at gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 13:57:19 UTC 2008

I tried to get my Ubuntu 8.04 to boot as fast as possible. I use "readahead"
and did a re-profile (so fresh list of loaded files). I enabled auto-login.

I have installed bootchart, and I stopped it when my desktop is loaded.
According this bootchart it does a full boot in 45s (minus fchk and terminal
bootchart stop command). See attachment of bootchart.

3 things that can be improved for faster boot:
- udev and/or modprobe uses a lot of CPU?
- even with readahead a lot iowait (lot of small files?)
- gnome use 100% cpu, maybe there can be some optimizations? (e.g. later
loading of some services, or optimization of some programs)

I also disabled compiz effects -> saved 5s (50s of boot speed before).

I want to try to use e2defrag on my ext3 disk, to try to reorder the
bootfiles (of the readahead list),
so less head movements. Maybe even try compression, so less HD reads (CPU
can decompress faster than HD can read?). What do you think?

But I do not know how to optimize udev/modprobe and gnome?


P.S. AMD 2000 XP, 1Gb memory, ATI Radeon 7500.
But also a new pc (AMD X2 dual core, 2Gb) cannot boot faster than 40s!

P.S.2 I see a lot of "/devices/virtual/tty/xxx" in my /var/log/udev?
Why is that? See attach.
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