Firefox newly insists on showing an EULA

Remco remco47 at
Mon Sep 15 11:39:10 UTC 2008

One compelling reason (which I also posted on that launchpad thread)
not to keep on using Firefox is that Mozilla can hurt Ubuntu with this
stuff. They can demand all kinds of stuff way too late in Ubuntu's
development cycle, with no time for Ubuntu to properly respond to it.
The web browser is a very important part of Ubuntu, and that puts
Mozilla in a perfect position to blackmail Ubuntu.

That should never happen again, so all trademarks without a clear,
perpetual, free-software compatible license should be removed from
Ubuntu. I'd go further to say that trademarks are inherently
incompatible with free-software, since their sole purpose is to give
the owners the power to restrict use of their trademark. That one
purpose becomes void if you slap a free-software compatible license on


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