Backtracing, Invalidated Bugs and Quality

Markus Hitter mah at
Mon Sep 15 10:41:01 UTC 2008

Am 14.09.2008 um 03:32 schrieb Null Ack:

> Action Item 1: I'm not a developer, but I can help any developers with
> testing and feedback for enhancements to Apport.


your investments in enhancing Apport ist great. Now, a few weeks  
later, I've learned Apport can map coredumps to readable text  
already. One of the bugs I've filed shows how things can go wrong:


Another one went a lot better:


Minutes after I've Apport-reported the later bug, stack traces came  
out of (apparently) nowhere and within a day, a fix was posted. Short  
of self-healing applications, this is about as good as one can imagine.


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