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Martin Owens wrote on 13/09/08 04:18:
> One of the concerns I have is with configurations, specifically those
> in /etc and those in ~/.*  . The files in /etc are known to the apt
> system and it's been built to warn the user if config files are to be
> overwritten. The config files in ~/.* are not recorded anywhere and
> they are at the mercy of the competency of the developers in format
> and version control. I'm not aware of any guidelines for these files.

So when you choose "Mark for Complete Removal" in Synaptic, for example,
it will remove system-wide settings for the package, but not your
personal settings for the package? That seems unfortunate.

Another use for this: If a graphical program crashes in Mac OS X, the
alert explaining what happened lets you relaunch the program. If you
choose to relaunch it but it then crashes on startup, the resulting
alert gives you the extra option of relaunching without your personal
settings, in case it was the settings that triggered the crash. If apt
knew which settings files belonged to which program, we could do
something similar.

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