Boot-time improvements

Krzysztof Lichota krzysiek at
Mon Sep 15 08:46:42 UTC 2008

2008/9/12 Oliver Grawert <ogra at>:
> hi,
> On Fr, 2008-09-12 at 09:23 +0200, Krzysztof Lichota wrote:
>> You have 25-35 seconds from GRUB till desktop appearing (using autologin)?
> i have managed 22 already with a not to drastic set of modifications (19
> after grub [1] plus the three second grub timeout) with the ten seconds
> my BIOS takes that even stays below 35 for the complete boot process
> from hitting power button to see gdm. (the mem=256M you see in the
> kernel options is there from a different test, it doesnt influence
> bootspeed)
> note that this was after using the profile bootoption for readahed
> though.

The bootchart shows you are booting into GDM, not to user desktop.

> for jaunty i would like to propose to install bootchart by default
> during the development cycle with an optional upload function to a
> central database (with a first login question "do you want to
> participate in the boot profiling project and upload your logged boot
> data to a central db" or some such). that should enable us to identify
> the slowdowns ...

Good idea.


	Krzysztof Lichota

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