Configuration Validation

Andrew Sayers andrew-ubuntu-devel at
Sat Sep 13 06:12:29 UTC 2008

I like the idea of a FUSE interface to GConf, and I could see extending
the idea to some sort of configFS - I seem to remember the ReiserFS guys
talking about a similar idea years ago, before recent events overtook
them.  I think an interface that involves opening
~/.configfs/myproject/version1/number_of_frobnitzem would be very
attractive to developers of small projects, eager to avoid the pain of
maintaining a parser.  It also has the advantage of degrading gracefully
- if configFS isn't installed, it just creates a directory hierarchy to
store a program's data.

A FUSE-based solution for small projects strikes me as the most
effective use of time in the short-term, because you can get some actual
evidence about the problem domain as you build the program.
Volunteering to convert to XML isn't something you want to
do right away :)

	- Andrew

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