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Fri Sep 12 14:09:15 UTC 2008

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Chris Jones wrote on 11/09/08 23:05:
> I'm not quite sure what all the ranting is all about regarding Ubuntu
> boot times. I never really even thought of it until it was mentioned on
> the mailing list here. So, as a test, I timed my own system how long it
> takes to boot. From GRUB boot to login screen, it was 36.72 secs. And
> that is on a Celeron D with 512MB DDR RAM and booting from an old IDE
> hard drive. I'd imagine that a more recent dual core setup with more
> ram and a more recent sata hard drive would have better results. But my
> mere 36 secs is certainly nothing to rant about.
> I dunno what you are all complaining about really.

That's the power of low expectations. Before the 1970s, people were used
to radios taking half a minute to start up. Before the 1990s, people
were used to televisions taking half a minute to start up.

As long as computers take more than a couple of seconds to start up,
there's work left to do.

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