Boot-time improvements

Przemysław Kulczycki przemekkulczycki at
Tue Sep 9 19:07:28 UTC 2008

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) pisze:
> Hi
> Some systems have been really successful at making it *appear* as if the 
> system starts up faster. In my opinion, where the system can't be made 
> to boot faster, it should be made to appear so.
> Here are some ideas around improving boot speed and making it appear faster:
> 1. Have as few transitions in the boot process as possible
> When a transition occurs, ie, the screen colour changes or flashes, it 
> distracts the user, and gives an illusion that something is happening. 
> It also makes it appear that more things are busy happening, and it 
> makes the user notice the periods between the transitions (the 
> watching-paint-dry effect). What happens before Ubuntu start is 
> unfortunately not controllable. This is where Apple seems to have a very 
> good advantage in their boot-up process. I think Ubuntu at least, should 
> minimise all the transitions where it is possible.

How about using Red Hat's news rhgb replacement - Plymouth?

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