feedback on new wiki theme

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Sun Sep 7 15:12:33 UTC 2008

On Friday 05 September 2008 16:56, Matthew East wrote:
> Hi,
> Recently I've been developing a new theme which is intended to replace
> the existing themes on the documentation wiki
> ( The intention of the theme is to
> make reading the wiki easier for a user (so the interface should be
> cleaner) and for an editor (so there is an editbar at the bottom of
> the screen which follows the window as you scroll).
> This is a call for testing and feedback of the theme. I'd really like
> to implement a similar theme for the development wiki at
> if the feedback is positive.
> To test the theme, log into the help wiki and go to the preferences
> page (UserPreferences). Set the theme to 'ubuntunew' (you can easily
> set it back later). Then just edit a few pages and see what you think.
> It still needs some work in terms of the fonts and rigorous testing
> with non-firefox browsers, but I'd appreciate any additional feedback
> that people have at this stage. Please send comments to me, or if you
> are really keen, patches! The code is here:

Unfortunately due to the openID improvements, the wiki is currently broken 
with Konqueror, see for details, so it 
will a while before it could be reasonably tested with Konqueror.

Scott K

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