feedback on new wiki theme

Dougie Richardson ddrichardson at
Sat Sep 6 18:08:10 UTC 2008


> I think it's appropriate to go with a fixed-width theme for the
> documentation site because content here is meant to be read as a page.
> The wiki formating should be adjusted to generally work at this width.
> Consistency with is also a plus!

I disagree - the problem with fixed width is that at some point we have to
make assumptions as to the screen size used to access as well as how the
reader wants to read the information. I feel that these both should be left
to the reader not pre-defined by the writer.

I'm finding that I use devices such as web books a lot more now and find I
am much more aware of how information is presented.

A circumstance where a single page format is appropriate would be for
printing; even then this would likely be repaginated.

Apologies if this sounds preachy but there is frequently a tendency amongst
web designers to put aesthetics over usability (something I am sure you are
not guilty of) and the use of fixed width pages fits these criteria whole



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