feedback on new wiki theme

Dougie Richardson ddrichardson at
Fri Sep 5 22:13:33 UTC 2008

Hi all,

> This is a very nice theme and looks more professional and usable to
> me. My only complaint is that it's rather narrow on all my computers
> (widescreen laptop and LCD displays). It looks like we're losing an
> awful lot of screen real estate. Is it possible to make it a fluid
> rather than fixed width theme? has the same
> issue. It ends up looking rather cramped on all my computers and more
> like a blog site (perhaps because of the ubiquity of some of
> Wordpresses past default themes :-) ).

I have to agree with Jordan here. While I appreciate the aesthetic appeal of
rounded corners, I am aware of the problems in using them and maintaining
cross browser portability.

A fluid width would be an improvement, especially if we consider the usage
scenario of someone placing a browser and a terminal window side by side to
follow a howto.

I do rather like the theme and it ties in with the colour scheme and so on
but from a usability point of view, namely consistency, why aren't we using
red for links as the other Ubuntu sites do?

The typeface choice is very clear and the theme doesn't overwhelm the
message - I think it's definitely suitable.



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