OpenOffice 3 and Firefox 3.1 in Intrepid?

Chris Cheney ccheney at
Fri Sep 5 15:48:30 UTC 2008

On Sun, 2008-08-31 at 11:30 +0530, Vishal Rao wrote:
> What is the latest status of the possibility of including OOo 3 and FF
> 3.1 by default in Intrepid? 3.0 will be in Intrepid but it is looking like it will
not be as the primary version that is installed by default. The release
candidate and final dates for OOo 3 were originally set to Jul 25th and
Sep 2 respectively, but OOo has slipped a lot from those dates. OOo
3.0rc1 is still not released yet, it is currently expected to be
released on Sept 8 which puts the final release around Oct 20. That
doesn't leave enough time to make it even marginally stable, since that
would be only 3 days before the Intrepid release candidate.

If had been able to keep closer to their originally
stated schedules then this problem wouldn't have occurred.


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