Correct Process for Package Update Requests

Null Ack nullack at
Mon Sep 1 23:04:40 UTC 2008

Gday folks,

Can I please be clarified on what the correct process is for package
update requests?

On 27th of June I asked the MOTU mail list what it was and advised
"The correct way to do this is to file a bug against the package and
tag it "upgrade"." Since I've done this for 6+ bugs.

Yesterday I filed two bugs complying with this, one of them was a MOTU
package not a core dev one, and I was advised in the bug comments that
"there is no need to open new version update request". Also when I
asked a dev who's interested in this function area (video) on IRC if
he could confirm the bug he felt it was'nt useful to bug upgrade

I think we need general agreement on the process here.



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