Ubuntu 8.10 released but...

S'orlok Reaves sorlok_reaves at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 31 03:36:28 UTC 2008

> yep. But see, it's not that you or anyone can't fix anything. You just
> can't ship the fix yourself, bundled in your package. After all,
> branding and theming apart, FF is FOSS (arguably).

A valid point, but I think people understand this  --they're just upset on principle regarding
Mozilla's approach to brand image.

To the list, I'd say let's sit back and enjoy our new release, and not worry so much about this
kind of thing for now. Mozilla has a great deal of leverage right now, because Firefox is a
browser that Windows users feel comfortable with when they boot up Linux. Wait until Google Chrome
scoops up some market share, and both browsers start competing on Linux; it's easier to justify
fixing platform-specific bugs when you have a rival on that platform.

PS: I'm aware that Chrome has a half-baked Linux compile at the moment. But the crux of my point
still stands.


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