[Festival-libestools]Can someone show me the magic to compile the libestools?

yueyu lin popeyelin at gmail.com
Thu Oct 23 03:52:48 UTC 2008

Hi, dear developers,
  I'm a voice application developer. Recently I use the Festival in our
project. First, I downloaded the festival and speech tools source codes and
compile them in my Ubuntu8.04. Then I wrote a test C++ application which can
run well to invoke the libFestival as part of the application. Then I use
JNI to wrap them to a Java interface. Unfortunately the same native codes
implementation crashed JVM every time. Thanks to the open source codes, I
can track it's because of the libestools crashed the JVM--- but the native
application runs well. When I finally plan to give up and try to use the
festival client, I installed the festival and the libest from Ubuntu
repository. Actually, they have the same newest version. When I recompile
the native codes after removing the -L option, the magic happened-- it
works, no codes change at all!  I really got confused I even use the same
configuration in speech_tools-- enable SHARED, why my homebrewed library
will always crash the JVM? BTW: the JVM indicates the libestools use invalid
memory address.
  I really want get the answer from the maintainer of the Ubuntu
Festival-libestools. Can you give me some clues about how you set the
compilation options? Since Ubuntu is only my work station, our real
production platform is RHEL and CentOS(sadly, our Ops think they are
enterprise level Linux, although I don't agree it that much...), I want to
use the same compilation options for our production boxes so my application
can run in these boxes well.
  Thanks a lot!

Yueyu Lin
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