Sound input continuously reset to "mute"

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at
Tue Oct 14 13:06:44 UTC 2008

Hi, I am experiencing an annoying problem in intrepid of which I can't
identify the culprit - if you give me any hint I will be able to report
in launchpad.

The bug is as follows: the sound capture volume in the mixer is
continuously switched off, I re-enable it in the mixer but if I close
and reopen the mixer it will show me that it is "muted". This breaks
any application using sound input, e.g. gnome-sound-recorder (not to
mention skype and ekiga). However, if I start gnome-sound-recorder,
start capture, and then unmute the input, it starts recording
correctly. I stopped any pulseaudio running, but the problem is there.
Even worse: if I start gnome-sound-recorder, then start recording,
unmute capture, then stop gnome-sound-recorder, I can keep recording
and stopping until I close the application, as if it was unmuted, even
tough the mixer shows that capture is muted again. If I close and
reopen gnome-sound-recorder, then to be able to record I have to start
recording and then unmute again.

Thank you


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