Combined status/logout/etc.

Tony Yarusso tonyyarusso at
Sat Oct 11 01:52:06 UTC 2008

I like it.  First, after the various ideas about how to deal with the
logout dialogue, this is a solution that works well for me - even one
less click than before.  Second, I really like the idea of desktop
integration stuff, and would like to see much more of telepathy.

One request though - could we please get scaled down versions of the
icons for the shut down, logout, restart, suspend, and hibernate
actions and put them in that dropdown?  (In the same manner as the
icons up by "Busy", "Available", and "Away".)  They were pretty, and
having seven menu options in a row with no icon is a bit drab.  I'd
also suggest making an icon for "Lock Screen", and then moving that
down with the group at the bottom - it belongs better with things like
suspend and log out than next to "Offline", don't you think?  I'm fine
with the guest session entry lacking an icon though, both because it
would be hard to make a sensible icon for it and because it's the
longest entry by character count, but that should be the only one.

Again, nice work whomever is behind this.

Tony Yarusso

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