Setting up Ubuntu 8.04.1 development system with no Internet

Manish at
Sat Nov 22 07:46:06 UTC 2008

Terry Sikes wrote:
> What's the recommended method for setting up an Ubuntu 8.04 system as 
> a development station with no Internet access? I installed from CD, 
> and got gcc, but no g++, gcj or other goodies. I'd also like to get 
> Octave going on the system, but it didn't appear to be on the 
> distribution CD. The DVD images apparently don't include more 
> software, just localized Ubuntu versions?
How much can you expect a CD to contain? The number of default 
application in the Ubuntu installation is increasing day by day and the 
capacity of a CD still remains 700MB. gcc,g++,make etc development tools 
are wrapped around in a package named as 'build-essential' which is 
there in the CD. The compilers are installed but glibc, the C library is 
not installed which can be installed by putting in the CD, adding CD to 
repo, updating the index and then installing the "build-essential" package.
The DVD Image contains only the main repo AFAIK, no the Universe. The 
packages in main are very less, most of the Open Source Softwares which 
one uses are in universe.
> I did run across the idea of apt repositories on DVD, is anyone aware 
> of such .iso files for developer tools (8.04 compatible)? It'd be 
> great to just use Synaptic with a DVD.
AFAIK Ubuntu officially does not provide any such DVD's. People have 
created it, google for it, you would surely get one.
If you want to create one, install aptoncd.


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