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I'm french people who start with linux, 

And after big search in my NVIDIA 9500 GS I don't have seen one pilote for my Compter PackardBell

In fact effect aren't active and my screen is in 800*600, but i have one 22" screen :/ It's boring and very lasy,

My english is not perfect, but i see this mail in NVIDIA pilote common so .. I want know if you can make me how can i download who package, i have Ubuntu last version, my pc is an IMAX Packard Bel with NVIDIA 9500 GS, 

Please can you help me or tell me if you can make an patch to NVIDIA 9500 GS ?

Thank's a lot,

Mark (you can join me : cyberboss at or if you speak french or english slowly in : +33(0) by phone.)

Thank you.

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