Anyone else lost hardware buttons after update from intrepid-proposed?

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Sat Nov 15 01:43:53 UTC 2008

Olá Mario e a todos.

On Tuesday 11 November 2008 23:01:07 Mario Vukelic wrote:
> I suppose one of them made the hardware buttons on my laptop (hp nc6440)
> non-functional, though I only ever used the sound buttons and can't
> vouch for the others. 
> However, the list in System->Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts is only a
> long list of  <Unknown Action> <Disabled> in categories Sound and
> Desktop. The category Window Management is ok.

I've noticed that I lost my Prt Sc shortcut.
I get "No command 33 has been defined."
Going to gnome-keybinding-properties and trying to select the key again for screenshot it show as if I had pressed SysReq.

If you have a LP ticked for this, I guess I can add this extra info.

Funny enough this is exactly the opposite of that I reported last month:
"SysReq keyboard key acts as Print Screen"

That ticket as not been closed by a dev, but looking at my new prob, I would say someone tried to fix one bug by introducing another.
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