Do you really want developers to be on this list was (Re: Very bad status of hardware (especially wifi) support in ubuntu, due to the too many accumulated regressions)

Mackenzie Morgan macoafi at
Thu Nov 13 19:55:18 UTC 2008

On Thu, 2008-11-13 at 20:36 +1100, Sarah Hobbs wrote:
> Take the intel 3945 card, for example.  Vincenzo says it doesn't work
> for him, under various modes.  Various users on the forums have also
> mentioned that their systems don't work with these cards.
> However, other users on the forums, mailing lists, and a whole lot of
> the developers, including myself, have this card, and see that it works
> for them.  I personally haven't seen this break since I upgraded to
> gutsy back at the UDS in Sevilla, 2007 (ie, pre-alpha 1), and I use WPA,
> which seems to be one of the areas of complaint, otherwise without problems.

In my experience, it does work fine with WPA.  It's WEP that's the
issue.  It only works with WEP (properly) using iwconfig.  If you use
NetworkManager, the key will *never* be accepted.  And if you use
network-admin (gone in Intrepid), the key will be accepted, but it won't
get an IP address.

And yes, you're of course right about the issues with not having access
to the hardware to fix it.  I've overheard someone mutter "well if you'd
send me some hardware, sure I could make it work..."  I recall that the
day I met Daniel Chen, he was showing up to an installfest so he could
fix any sound bugs with actual, physical access to the hardware.

Mackenzie Morgan
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