Do you really want developers to be on this list was (Re: Very bad status of hardware (especially wifi) support in ubuntu, due to the too many accumulated regressions)

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at
Thu Nov 13 09:00:36 UTC 2008

> If a distributor adds more goodies to the kernel, then be happy, but
> that doesn't mean, that it really works...even when the distributor puts
> the hardware on the list of supported hardware.

I hope this is not really the idea of the ubuntu developers on this 
topic, because if so, then I can really, really forget all my bugs, and 
go home happy. If the idea is that a trial-and-error process should be 
the normal way of using ubuntu (it is the way I use it every time I 
install it to other people), then just tell me. I think it's 
unbelievable how far things went in this direction. If this is 
considered normal and unharmful, there's clearly something that I didn't 
understand here.


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