Very bad status of hardware (especially wifi) support in ubuntu, due to the too many accumulated regressions

Martin Owens doctormo at
Sun Nov 9 18:21:15 UTC 2008

> Anyway, thanks for the good work in areas different from hardware 
> support. Intrepid is lovely, every time I try it I really would like to 
> be able to start using it. I hope to be in time for jaunty :)

Have you tried reinstalling Ubuntu 8.10 from scratch? I have the same
wifi as you and I have none of those problems. the iwp/iwl thing was a
pain in the neck in the past, but that's been made much better.

Things I would check: blacklist file, modules file, custom compiled
cruft that may be still around, dmesg, lsmod.

So far most of the errors I've seen reported for wifi and that I have
come across have either been because of faulty upgrades (a major
problem) or lack of firmware or (and this was bad) drivers loading
before all their dependencies or after a cut-off module has been loaded.

Best of luck with your problem, developers in various communities
continue to work very hard on wifi and network problems.


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