Cruft Remover (system-cleaner): testing help?

Dean Loros autocrosser1 at
Sun Nov 9 17:32:52 UTC 2008

Hi Lars--

Yes--from what I see, it looks much better. A suggestion would be to 
include a <Help> tab or menu with a good, brief "walk-thru" of what it 
does.....I have noted a rather negative thread on ubuntuforums about 
this & I think that you are heading the right direction.

Where is the "white-list" located? I have several extra programs 
installed & would like to verify that this part can respond 
here, PM me thru ubuntuforums or contact  me at  autocrosser1 at

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> Date: Sun, 09 Nov 2008 00:13:41 +0200
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> Subject: Cruft Remover (system-cleaner): testing help?
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> Hi.
> I've made a version of Cruft Remover (binary packages system-cleaner and
> system-cleaner-gtk) that fixes the worst problems, I hope.
>    * Added Polish translation from Piotr Makowski. (Closes: LP# 290196)
>    * The apt Packages list is now checked for sanity. (Closes: LP# 290024)
>    * Icon is now shown in menu, and by the window manager.
>      (Closes: LP: #274714)
>    * The current kernel will now never be considered cruft.
>      (Closes: LP# 285657)
>    * Now asks user to confirm that they want to remove packages or remove
>      other cruft. (Closes: LP# 285888)
>    * Package short description is now shown in the user interface.
>      (Closes: LP# 286394)
>    * The GTK UI now shows column headers, so that it is clear what the
>      tick column means. (No bug reported about this explicitly, but it
>      has come up repeatedly.)
>    * Support for whitelists in /etc/cruft-remover.d/*.whitelist added.
>      See the cruft-remover(8) manual page for details. This can later be
>      seeded with the most common third-party packages, until dpkg+apt
>      get sufficient meta data to deal with this in a better way.
>      (Does not quite close LP: #285746)
> Because of an unfortunate mishap with version numbers earlier, I can't
> upload this version to my PPA, but I have uploaded it to my personal
> site:
> I'm asking for help with testing to verify that these bugs are, indeed,
> fixed, and that there aren't any new problems introduced. Any help with
> this would be appreciated.
> Desipite the large and intrusive changes, I'm hoping that they'll be
> accepted as an SRU, given the sorry state of the packages currently in
> intrepid. But before I ask for an SRU, I would like to get some feedback
> from other people that the fixes fix the problems for them, and not just
> for me.

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