Stepping down from Ubuntu Studio

Cory K. coryisatm at
Sun Nov 9 13:40:06 UTC 2008

So wow. Here it is. The end of the road for me as lead of Studio. My
plan was always to head up 4 releases and Intrepid marks that.

Besides the end of my commitment my personal situation has changed. I
have recently accepted a CAD job that will be taking up much of my time.
Along with a greater focus on other commitments.

I will still be involved with Studio and Ubuntu just not to the same
degree. Seems to be a place many of us get to. :) I will mostly be
involved with Studio/Ubuntu art and testing. I'm also sure I'll get
sucked somewhat into a slight management role in Studio. I'll deal with
that as it comes. :)

My replacement will be Luis de Bethencourt
( He has been involved with Studio for
quite a while and will able to make future releases even better.

Thanx to all in the Ubuntu community who have helped me and Studio get
to where it is. Without you, Studio would not exist.

This ain't goodbye. ;)

-Cory K. (_MMA_)

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