Inclusion of a mobile management tool

Chandru at
Mon Nov 3 16:59:43 UTC 2008


Now that almost everyone has got a mobile and most of them connect it to
their PCs, wouldn't it be a good idea to include a decent mobile management
tool like Wammu (there may me better ones but this is what I use)?  Even if
it is not going to be included in the Live CD due to lack of CD space, at
least it could be moved to main so that regular updates are made available.

Now since Wammu is not in main, Intrepid ships with 0.27 which was released
in May, though 0.28 (with quite a few bug fixes) were released in June.

Note: If there already is a Gnome mobile manager in main please let me know.

Chandra Sekar.S

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